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Welcome! I'm so happy you found me! I use natural light, beautiful souls, silliness, and the unexpected to capture and create art. I'm a graduate from The New York Institute of Photography and have been a enjoying my life as a photographer for 5 years. I'm a wife, I'm a mother, I care too much, and sometimes laugh a little too loudly.. I'm passionate about creating images that provoke great feeling to remind you that the good times make absolutely everything worth it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Art of Living Studios' first contest!

As a big thank you to my blog followers and facebook fans I'm hosting a 50% off session contest. Just comment below with your most embarrassing story. Don't worry, you don't have to have the best embarrassing story to win. I will draw names randomly. We could just hold a boring contest but who wants to live without laughing? So, go ahead and spill your story! You might be the lucky winner of a HALF OFF Custom Portrait Session.



  1. This is my most recent...
    We were at the kids pediatrician's office. I was signing in while the kids waited in the play area. The next thing I hear...from across a very crowded waiting room is.."You got on panties, Mom??"
    I about died when I realized that was MY child yelling out!

  2. As a joke, when my (now) husband asked for my parent's blessing for my hand in marriage, my dad said it would cost him $5. It was never mentioned again until minutes before our ceremony, where my husband gave my dad $5. My dad's reply..."Are you sure? There are no refunds!" Upon return from our honeymoon, my parents gave us a matted frame that had the $5 in it, with a legal notation on the mat that I was paid in full and then he signed it. LOL. Gotta love joksters!

  3. hi! i just found your site and i love your work! anyways... my whole life can be embarrassing, mostly because i don't really think before i speak, and i'm kind of clumsy. my worst ever moment follows: i just received a compliment from my friend on my heels to which i replied thanks and that heels were easy to walk in... i then went to get some lunch and, on coming out of the building in which i was, proceeded to slip because of my shoes and skid down 25 stairs on my knees/shins. i was on a college campus. in front of the student commons building. at lunchtime. in a skirt. :-(

  4. Wow - your pics are fabulous! Saw your post on twitter and found my way here...

    I have plenty, but my favorite one is also as a mommy. I was divorced when my daughter was 2 and by 4, she decided she wanted a baby brother or sister. I explained to her that in order for mommy to have a baby, that I had to have a husband... but before I could get a husband, I had to have a boyfriend... (to which she replied that Johnny Bravo could be my boyfriend, but I digress).

    Days later, having forgotten the conversation while in line at Target, my daughter (who is extremely social and never shy) announces to the probably single, middle aged male cashier...

    "My mommy's gonna get a boyfriend so she can have a baby!" (Because that's what we teach children these days, husbands are for sissies! Right? Mortified...)

    Of course, a year later - with my family, at Easter - she recanted parts of a story she'd overhead and asked me to tell everyone about "that one time, when you were with (insert man name here) and you were naked, and..." the rest is classified, but I quickly learned to filter and watch my back!

    She's 12 and so far I've let her live... still no husband or baby... just the two of us!

  5. Hi Cristan! I am soooooooooo excited for you to photograph our wedding! I have a very embarassing story that took place when Derek and I first met. It goes like this... I was still living in CA and Derek came to visit for a week. We traveled to Cambria, a nice becah in CA, and stayed in this cute house built in the 1800s. So, one day we are enjoying the sights, having a great time, and i decide to eat junk food, orange soda, more junk food, popcorn, and then more orange soda. Anyhoot, that night, I woke up with the worst stomach ache. I stood up, raced to the bathroom, and as soon as I made it to the bathroom's threshhold, I was throwing up! The bathroom was sparkling white as I went in, and when I came out it was orange! I thought I had done a good job of cleaning everything up, but in the morning, Derek let me know that it looked like the exorcist had been in there!!! I guess I was doing some 360s!!!



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